With years of experience as a hospice volunteer, Diane has collected many stories, jokes, and inspirational verse.
When a friend of her son was diagnosed with cancer,she went to visit and took some of her collected materials. Upon the passing of the friend, his family told her how much they had enjoyed reading the verse and the articles she had provided. With this, and her son’s encouragement, she has compiled this information to share with others.


Holding Hands is the most basic of all affections…an intimate gesture which shows love, caring and emotion without saying a word. Here is an invitation to hold hands with those in hospitals, hospice or homes, to make your visits with them more entertaining, inspiring and meaningful.

Holding Hands is a guide for volunteers, social workers, medical personnel, clergy, family and all who visit. Conveniently sized, spiral bound so the puzzles and quizzes can be copied and used over and over. Easy to buy this book using Paypal or with your credit card.


Price: $10.95





“Diane, Your book is so wonderful! I love the breadth of the selections you chose…what an incredibly valuable collection you have created… I know it will be a gift to so many!”

–author Shannon Jackson Arnold